Finders Keep HerSafer™ Bling Pepper Spray (SKU: 12-005)

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  • 1/2 ounce Pepper Spray canister with key ring
  • Glows in the dark 
  • Includes UV identifier in the pepper spray
  • Comes with a safety lock so it won't mistakenly go off in a purse/bag
  • Attach to a Finders Key Purse for quick accessibility when you need it

There are regulations in the following state that apply to Pepper Spray and therefore we cannot ship to:

HI - we cannot ship to Honolulu
DC - requires registration with law enforcement permit 
MA - Must be purchased from firearms dealer & have license
MI - Oleoresin Capsicum over 10%
NY - Must be purchased from pharmacy or firearms dealer
WI - Oleoresin Capsicum over 10%

Please do not order this product if you are in one of the above states or areas that is barred from sale.  We will remove it from your order before we ship and you will not be charged for it.  Thank you.